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Currently he is serving a life sentence in federal prison due to a 25-count indictment, which includes charges of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and other drugs.Latin King headquarters is located on Beach and Spaulding in Northwest Chicago. King Blood) started his own chapter of the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation with the permission of his superiors in Chicago.Imagine living in a neighborhood where you can’t buy groceries. So he got a bunch of new people together, business men, and said let’s create a plan, let’s call it plan 21. When you have poverty and racism, inequality, lack of a stable economic base in the community, you’re gonna have gangs whether you like it or not. I’m not here to justify anything that has happened because yeah there are bad people in these gangs. So the Vice Lords lost somebody to the Gangster Disciples and we had nothing to do with it, we don’t even have Gangster Disciples around us, we had to go at it with them because of our nationship. So that People understood that the Latin Kings will not ride under one umbrella. And since then we’re grown to maybe about double our size. We're not just murderers and we're are not just drug dealers, we are people, we are somebody’s son. And we’re, street organizations are trying to move ahead, be a little bit more positive on things.We’re gonna make Chicago number 1 by the 21st century. Nowadays they just so happen to be black and latinos. Because we’re the ones that have the lack of economics in our community. There are people that kill, there are people that sell drugs, that’s without a doubt. Pull out 30, 40000 dollars and get you off the hook? Am I unique in my perspective within the organization? So we decided to leave that and said you know what we’re losing guys based on you guys fucking up. We are somebody’s brother, we are somebody’s cousin, nephew, brother. And it’s a hard thing to do cause now we have to convince the other kids of what’s happened to us...When the homicidal King Blood went to prison for multiple murders, Antonio Fernandez (King Tone) took control of the Latin Kings.

In unsealing the charges Thursday, authorities said the probe began after a victim of violence at the hands of the Black Souls gang was shot to death in a daylight street attack in October after he had refused a...

The Latin Kings were a small organization when they first started and there were nothing but street gangs in the city of Chicago in the 1950’s but people only concentrate about the blacks and the Latinos because it was during the civil rights movement and that’s the focus. The Humboldt Park community used to be a very strong and thriving Jewish community.

But at the same time there were a lot of Polish gangs, and Jewish gangs. The difference is that the Caucasian groups of the gangs were already set on the track of being politicians, commissioners, police officers and everything. It had maybe about 75 Jewish temples in the Humboldt Park community.

Federal and local officers arrested 16 people this week as part of a two-year investigation into drug-trafficking rings associated with the Latin Kings street gang.

One ring, led by Damian Rivera, 31, of Burbank, distributed or tried to distribute more than 12 pounds of heroin, collecting more than 1,000 in drug proceeds between March and June, prosecutors alleged in court documents this week.

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