Rowupdating current row

For example a Sql Data Source, which is automatically added to your Web Form if you drag-n-drop your way around Visual Studio 2005.

The problem is, I’d very much like to do so, if ASP. But I can’t set a Data Source property or anything on the Sql Data Source!!! I probably have to read the cells on the Grid View of the selected row, find the controls, get the values from those and insert those into my Data Set.

If the given row number is negative, the cursor moves to an absolute row position with respect to the end of the result set.

For example, calling indicates the next-to-last row, and so on.

Also, the returned stream is only valid while the cursor remains on this position. Note that the stream is owned by the result set and should in no case be deleted by the caller.

Note: For simplicity, we use "table" in the following description to refer to any of database object in the project.

A database object can be either a table, a view, a custom view or a report.

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