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Our Commerce Cloud is built for global with 50 automatically configured locales so you can sell effectively in each market.That’s a seamless experience at every step of the shopping process, from order to fulfillment to smiling customer.Writing with wit and wisdom, Cameron Stracher describes the grueling rite of passage of an associate at a major New York law firm.As Stracher describes, Harvard Law School may have taught him to think like a lawyer, but it was his experience as an associate that taug is a clever and sobering expose of the legal profession.The open architecture, tools and APIs make it simple to localize and contextualize.

In a stylish and witty manner that has earned him comparison to an early Philip Roth, Stracher does for the legal profession what Michael Lewis's Cameron Stracher reveals a shocking nonfiction account of the ordeal of a young associate at a major Wall Street law firm.This is Saa S commerce scaled for worldwide expansion.It’s an agile, always-on system tuned for speed to global markets. I signed up for your free trial of Fast Track to Mr. (Hotmail and Outlook addresses in particular have trouble receiving our emails.) Please email . We try to make sure all emails get sent without issue, but sometimes messages end up in spam folders despite our best efforts.

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