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Anything related to Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML), the Turing Test, Mobile Virtual Assistants, bot hosting services, free and proprietary chat bot software.

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*EDIT* I just checked out the forum there and am quite flattered that nearly every post mentions me!A little controversy may actually be good for our sponsors, but let the games begin. Although, my favourite has to be from Louise Cypher who came out with: 13)what’s the main ingredient in apple pie? I pioneered the use of search engines in chatbots, and have long believed it is a better approach for factoid data. What I find interesting is how much difficulty most chatbots are having when employing techniques that genuinely try to work out the answer. ” scores easier than any chatbot that checks its knowledge and comes up empty (not a complaint, just a general observation).The first step is finding a transexual you are compatible with.Our site gives you thousands of hot single transexuals looking to date right in your city.

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